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Hi there, I am Vishal Pandey.Some of my favorite topics are  Entrepreneurs & Startup Advice, Business strategy, Artificial Intelligence, Web development, Computer programming, Marketing Strategy … I’m a blend between Content, Creativity and a thirst to help people …

  • If you want partnership in Tech Startups with me then ping me anywhere you feel safe. You can send me your startup ideas on vkp78000@gmail.com. I’ll respond within 48 hours. Please, fake Guys wouldn’t send emails. In last 50 days, I’ve responded to 100 emails getting no proper research start-up ideas.


  • It is Okay if you fall down and lose your spark.Just make sure that when you get back up(Startup), you rise as the whole damn fire.
  • I help in StartupsBusiness developments around the world just because I like to solve problems.I want to help more people with their startups.
  • Click here to read Hmara apna desh and Quora blog is here HMARA APNA DESH.
  • An avid reader, a traveling enthusiast, a passionate Chess & Cricket player….

Let me share my accounts links to reach me up…


SKILLS     Entrepreneurship, Android  application developer, Tech problem solver, web developer, website hoster,  logo    designer, scholar of physics & mathematics, online tutor, motivational speaker,
   content writer and blogger….blah blah!

WORK HISTORY please refer to my pages through out websites.


EDUCATION – online learning and self-taught.

HOBBIES   –    Dreaming,writing,reading,sociable,cricketer .