To become successful is very easy …

Till now,we all are being heard that getting success is not a piece of cake,it’s very hard ,it’s very tough,it’s not permanent …blah blah

My questions who are told like this-how do they know more about success,how do they know about your potentiality to be succeed ..what sort of people are they who filled this environment with negativity… 

Listen friends ,some people may try to distract you,may be  to change the path where you are right now,make distance with these people and do with all your confident …may help you to choose the right direction to your best friend…

Bhai, wo bnda bol kis base par rha hai ki success hona bahoot badi baat hai ?
Hey man ! What if we were only supposed that we’re successful …? ?

Comment below your ideas…🔓


3 thoughts on “To become successful is very easy …”

  1. Yeah,most of the ppl like nfm…even though we all met to these ppl on a daily basis..this is the reality which we have to understand before going to any step…
    By the way, thank you arora mam to share your thoughts..a big thanks of u to read too..


  2. Different people expect different types of success and that is actually success for them ..
    As u mention,u for name,fame,money ..someone will say pleasure is success,someone say with this view all we can see that this may be different for different ppl…


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