The Future Lies In The Past- YES !

CHANGE is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.I have an almost complete disregard of precedent, and a faith in the possibility of something better. It irritates me to be told how things have always been done. I defy the tyranny of precedent. I go for anything new that might improve the past.We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.

Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.

My mom & dad taught me from my youngest childhood memories through these connections with Aboriginal and tribal people that you must always protect people’s sacred status, regardless of the past.

Sometimes,in order to go ahead you need to take several steps backwards,Just as a tiger steps back and crouches to gather strength before making a giant leap,we need to be acquainted with our past and ourselves before making a leap of faith.

And since you need to lost somethings in order to gain other,more precious treasures,it is  critical to understand what is worth losing,and the risk that are worth taking.None of this is possible if we’re uncertain about what we desire of life.In order to know that,we need to know ourselves and where we come from.Similarly,when we meet a stalemate in life,or a dead-end when we find no indication of where to go next,it helps to travel back in time to where we started off.It is there that we may find again what initially inspired and motivated us.

What was it that delighted you most in your young days ? What dream gave you wings and lent stars to your eyes ? what angered you the most and made you want to lash back ? And today-how far are you from  those emotions,those motivators ?

when i read Paulo Coelho’s latest book,ADULTERY,I was  totally disillusioned.But not wanting to give up so easily on a writer who has captured the imagination of the world,I decided to visit his past,to go back to his first book,The Alchemist,in order to trace the genesis of the man and his thinking.And sure enough,it is there in the simplicity of the story and writing,and in the clarity of thinking,that i rediscovered the essential Coelho.

In The Alchemist, a crystal trader is watching life slip by  in the deadening,repetitive pattern till Santiago reacquaints him with his first-ever dream,of becoming a rich businessman-his initial inspiration ! He is still  not going to Mecca,but the dream of his youth has once again resurrected him.

Dreams and unfulfilled aspirations rooted in the past have that power.They keep you going.We all love to talk about what could have,but did not happen.Our regrets over unfulfilled dreams serve as a fuel to keep us going.The important thing is to remember the dreams.They connect our past to the present ,and to a nebulous future. If you have fulfilled all dreams,met all aspirations,and have none other,what will hold you on to life ?

The crystal trader confesses to Santi ago that he will not really go to  Mecca  even if he can.”Because it is the thought of Mecca that keeps me alive…I’m afraid if my dream is realised,I’ll have no reason to go on living !”He is scared to realise his dream .

Sometimes a connect with our own  past and young dreams can be painful indeed,if we realise how far away we’re from what we considered an ideal life,and that brings about a certain restlessness that disturbs us.But  that’s no reason to lead half-lived lives.

Many people,especially those who families relocated,have this deep  desire to trace their roots and understand their origins.Placing yourself in the context of your origins helps give you an idea of who you are,which helps you understand the veracity and strength of your motivators,dreams and ambitions.Without knowing yourself,you can’t move ahead.

In order to build a worthwhile future,a visit to your past self is essential.

One thing we have lost, that we had in the past, is a sense of progress, that things are getting better. There is a sense of volatility, but not of progress.

We must respect the past, and mistrust the present, if we wish to provide for the safety of the future.I think sometimes that people think brave means not being afraid, which of course it doesn’t mean that at all. It means that you’re afraid, but you move past that and do it anyway, do what you think is right.An awareness of our past is essential to the establishment of our personality and our identity as a huMAN.



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