Hello to all of you friends,today i am here with a different theory of gives you courage to put your effort at right direction….ok so let’s start ………

Today,we all are running to here and there to be success..right?? so why not we can try a different formulae to become success which is 100% give you right direction ……..just imagine what if you remove yourself with lots of competition which held in the world…what if you only let yourself successful person..yeah i know difficult but not impossible okk?  just imagine only you have to suppose that you’re successful right now…….life gives surely one chance to get success what if you giving up this given chance ..are you imagine what i want to say ?

what i use to get success is that i forget to all my competitor who are compared with what imagine you ‘re only one who has to prove to this world that you are matter what others think about you and how they react to your know friends this is the world where peoples want to know about you what you are doing with all your life than himself…i can’t imagine how would react this situation to you ..?people think about you rather than what they want with all their life.what sort of this phenomena of getting succeed,man ?what i say to you that forget to all,don’t think too much about life,its what give you direction,chance,success everything what you want but bound to you is that how you take these all for you….my formulae is in one line….” TALK TO ALL,LISTEN TO ALL,MEET TO ALL,CARE TO ALL BUT FOLLOW NOONE” this is what i used since last 5 years to become success and i will succeed and you too if you applied seriously…what others are thinking about you doesn’t matter,what you think is mattered at congratulations a lot to all of you ….if you are thinking about others all the time then what did you get at end…NOTHING ! so why think so ? why not you all work on yourself with all your remaining time which you have it something amazing ?? it’s not at all have to just one step ahead with those people who are running back to get success,to get money,to get name actually…i have a question for you why you want success actually? what for name,fame,money,revenge…blah blah !!!

 Give your 5 minutes…and comment below if you want to know anything else…

Have a nice day….!!


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