Gazab INDIAN Engineering 

Well,first of all i appreciate you to coming here for something achieve in your life…so let’s start friends..

Friends today i’m talking about GAZAB ENGiNEERING of india.Actually this heading idea coming into my mind from a very great and well educated person .It’s all about a one of my best friend who has forced to do engineering by his parents and now dhakke khana start by dil se…

I became surprising to see the behaviour of indian parents to his childrens..thank god i didn’t get this type of forcing parents to me….

Gupta ji ka beta aisa kar rha hai so beta mai bhi soch rha hun kyo na tum bhi yahi karlo kyoki na yahi padhai karke na sharmaji ka beta America mein job kar rha hai…koi kuch kar rha hai toh koi kuch kar rha hai…damn on it,t arnation on it.

I want to ask you all a question,why can’t you leave to chasing your boys/girls ? A very open my question to all of the indian parents and students plz plz you all reply by writing in comments below….

Now parents will say ki toh kya kren aise hi bacche ko chod dein aakhir aap hi parents ho ab agar parents ko apne baccho ko lekar chinta nahi hogi toh kisko hogi..well it’s 100% correct that you all parents have anxity just to taking to your childrens…but think about of the face of your childrens when you force them to do engineering or something different what they can’t deserve…i don’t want to say 100℅ freedom otherwise aajkal k bacche gazab k bacche hain…i might believe that if you saying to your chidrens to do a work and observe them again and again seeing faults then i can bet you all that your chidren are going to make you sad.the very first reason is that never make a bound to do something or to think .Hmaradesh can’t be developed until the people itself are developed and that is the reason of understanding a complicated situations.Life is not all about what you all parents want or expect to your childrens but to also think about the happiness of your son/daughters also.

And i request you to all of my students plzz don’t try ever to chat your parents and never make slacker or quitter of your dream…your dream is everything for you and your life and try to make as much capability to achieve your dreams.

Never understand yourself a timid and faint hearted otherwise ….

Make yourself volatile and strongly recommend that you believe in you first that you can do everything to achieve your dream.

To believe in you is the first step of your success and give a start to flow and one more thing plz repel yourself and make a huge distance between opposite gender…i m seeing lots of more people that they are all made yourself mad behind chasing girls…it’s not good,totally bad it is.

Life gives you to do all thesethings but firstly make yourself so as …set ablaze in your body from today till you make yourself a greatest person on this earth….set a small goal and work on it again set next then achieve it ..if you do it again and again then i’m 101℅ sure that you wanna going to make your future big …if first time you get yourself ardent desire of success then you refer it again and again…

And plz help me friends …i need to all of you ..plz share it at each and every parents have and like this page and also referred to your friends too..share it anywhere you want because lots of more parents are unaware of what their childrens want to do,what they want to their life .

And comment below what you want me to write on next time…and last thing that…..a big hand for wordpress who has given me a better plateform to share me my thoughts and stories with other people…a big thanks to all of you.


12 thoughts on “Gazab INDIAN Engineering ”

  1. Hi Vishal thanks for the topic, I agreed with you, I think there is also a huge issue in our education system which already shown in 3 idiots film by Amir. Don’t know when this will change after all total depends on politics. Nice blog and thought. Happy blogging. Thanks once again for following my blog but kindly do one favor as you actually follow my old blog which is not updated for many days. So can you please check my self hosted blog you may found follow button for WordPress blogger so that we can be in touch always.

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    1. yeah right,sir-now we should replace new educational system with quality educational and focusing on gaining pure gaining knowledge rather than ample amount of quantity…
      quality matter…we have to gain knowledge accordingly industies…
      our lots of engineer are unemployed..reason ? they have no knowledge with the aspectation of industries,no quality knowledge,no practical and job oriented training..that is what we should replace.
      anyway,thank you to see ur thoughts,u sparing ur precious time with me …thank you a lot sir.

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